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Almost Half of Arizona Hemp Exceeds the Legal THC Limit Over 40% of hemp plants tested in the State of Arizona exceeded the legal limit for THC, according to Department of Agriculture's Plant Service Division. Industrial Hemp THC Limit Legislation Passes In WA While hemp seed has minute quantities of THC, the 0.35% limit applied to the leaves and flowering heads, limiting farmers to the strains of industrial hemp they could grow. The change in law is just common sense. Even at 1%, hemp has zero value in terms of recreational use. The change will bring WA into line with other Australian states.

During a day of policy debate, delegates approved a hemp policy that says hemp with up to 1% THC content should be legal and that hemp can be harvested as much as 45 days after it was tested. Farmers say it is difficult to get seed that reliably produces hemp that tests below the 0.3% limit and that a 1% THC content is too low to get anyone

8 Jan 2019 Jan. 8, 2019 -- As the legalized cannabis industry in the United States grows with nearly every election, consumers interested in these products  24 Sep 2019 The fact is that as long as a CBD product is derived from legally-grown 'industrial' hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC, then it is legal. 30 Sep 2019 “Hot Hemp” means hemp whose delta-9 THC levels have exceeded the 0.3% threshold set by state and federal law. Often state rules permit 

12 Dec 2019 In 2020, one in five lots of hemp will need to be destroyed because the plants exceed the legal THC limit, according to new estimates from the 

Hemp and the hemp industry Frequently Asked Questions - Canada.ca Section 39(1) of the Industrial Hemp Regulations (IHR), allows a variety of industrial hemp to be designated as an approved cultivar, provided that the variety will produce a plant that will contain 0.3% THC or less in its leaves and flowering heads. Section 39(2) also permits the Minister to exempt an approved cultivar from THC testing 0.3% legal limit question. Only Delta-9 or Total THC? : CBD Yes, the 0.3% is for delta-9 thc. Once you heat your cbd flower, the thca will change into delta-9 thc, so the total thc is usually greater than 0.3%. It's a nice loophole for sure. If the legal limit was "total thc < 0.3%" there would be be virtually no flowers sold online. The Arbitrary Legal Line That Separates Hemp & Marijuana | While FINOLA generally falls below the 0.2 percent THC threshold in Europe, Callaway noted that it isn’t straightforward to determine which hemp plants will stay below the THC threshold and which could grow into the legal definition of marijuana. “Any hemp variety can be pushed over that limit,” he says. “It’s a question of how it’s Largest US farm group supports higher THC limit for industrial

Hemp, as defined in the Farm Bill as Cannabis sativa containing 0.3% THC or less CBD derived from hemp can be legally sold under Minnesota state law only if all What if my plants test above the acceptable 0.3 percent delta-9 threshold?

Probably yes. The “problem” with US hemp products is that there is 0,3% THC legal limit, but in most of EU, there is 0,2% THC legal limit. This probably represents the biggest problem as products will probably contain more THC than is allowed…then, every country has its own laws about importing products, so this could also represent some