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工业大麻 - 知乎 - 知乎专栏 工业大麻是指四氢大麻酚含量低于0.3%的大麻,我国将工业大麻称为汉麻(hemp),是大麻科(Cannabinaceae)大麻属(Cannabis)1年生草本植物,分为工业大麻和毒品大麻,现在国内外广泛应用的大麻为工业大麻。1应用领域 编… HempCoin in Unikoin Gold Währungsrechner | THC in UKG umrechnen Bei Banküberweisungen ins Ausland können bis zu 5% an zusätzlichen, im Wechselkurs versteckten Kosten entstehen. TransferWise hingegen ist bis zu 5x günstiger. CHII | Naturally Splendid Enterprises HEMP FOR HEALTH. Hemp is second to none when talking about nutrition. Nothing else on the planet packs such a complete source of protein, essential fatty acids (EFAs) and carbohydrates in such a small package. If you are looking for Nature's perfect wonder food, you've found it and it is hemp seed. The best strains for CBD hemp flowers uk | WholesaleHenry

21 Jul 2009 2 gynoecious. Uniko B. 3. 17. VG Plant: number of primary lateral branches. NL : to be deleted, as this characteristic is sensitive to plant density.

The Hungarian variety Kompolti, bred by the renowned hemp breeder Dr. Ivan Bocsa, contains 35-38% "technical" fibers, with a maximum yield of 12 tons/hectare within 115 days. Other available Hungarian varieties are Uniko-B, Fibriko, and other Kompolti cultivars. They are marketed by Fibro-Seed Gmbh (H-3356 Kompolt, Hungary). The hemp grown in Zolotonoshskaya (Zolo) 13, Zolo 11, Uniko B, Beniko and Bialobrzeskie (Scheifele & Pinsonneault 1995). The soil type was clay loam. The 9 THC levels for these 6 varieties are summarized in Graph 1. Note that all varieties except Bialobrzeskie (0.18% but still <0.3%) had very low levels between 0.03 and 0.07%. 1996. The six industrial hemp

(2) Industrial Hemp Plant Breeder, Industrial Hemp Seed Development Company (Kenex Ltd.), 0.74% respectively; Unico B had a level of 0.36% in field. 1.

Hemp Varieties in Europe - Hempoint Uniko-B SC hybrid (F1 unisexual, F2dioecious) very good in F1 very high 27 good 19-20 <0,2 Kompolti Hybrid-TC TC hybrid (SC unisexual) good very high 26 average 19-20 <0,2 Cannakomp TC hibrid (SC unisexual) good high 25-28 very good 19-20 <0,2 Lipko TC hi List of hemp varieties - Wikipedia List of hemp varieties. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a list of agricultural Uniko B; Victoria; X-59 (Hemp Nut) Yvonne; Zolotonosha 11; Zolotonosha 15; References Fibre hemp cultivars: A survey of origin, ancestry, availability

The best strains for CBD hemp flowers uk | WholesaleHenry

The EU regulations require that your hemp flowers should come from a legal EU hemp strain. Plus, the 0.2% THC limitation (already well known), is not the only one. The genetic origin of the plant is also important. Stupid as it might sound since a plant is a living creature that is always changing, there is actually a list of approved hemp strains (see below) which you must use, simple as that. Industrial Hemp Regulations - List of Approved Cultivars for 2007 LIST OF APPROVED CULTIVARS - 2007 INDUSTRIAL HEMP REGULATIONS VARIETY COUNTRY WHERE MAINTAINED Exempt from THC testing under subsection 16(1) of the Industrial Hemp Regulations* Drug Strategy and Controlled Substances Programme, HECS /3 Kompolti Sargaszaru Hungary No Lovrin 110 Romania No UC-RGM Canada No Uniko B Hungary No USO 14 Canada Planting seeds - On Demand For Year 2020 • HempTrade Before you place an order, please, make sure, you have all permits and licences required for hemp seeds import to your country. We do not take responsibility for any extra out of EU certifications, analysis, registrations, licences or permits that your country might request from you. Please contact local authorities to avoid any import WikiZero - List of hemp varieties This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.